Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Irenic – (def.) Promoting Peace

Our vision of the future was forged at the very early stages of the Institute for International Sport. At the first Institute Board of Trustees meeting in July, 1986, Dan Doyle presented the concept of the World Scholar-Athlete Games. By 1989, Dan and the board decided to move forward with the inaugural 1993 World Scholar-Athlete Games. The objective of the Games was not merely a short-term event, but an ongoing program that would form the basis of a global network of scholar-athletes and scholar-artists committed to the highest ideals of sport and the arts – and with a broader commitment to world peace.

Our vision is the creation of a global peace movement that will involve tens of thousands of people around the world who share a love of sport and/or the arts – and who share a passion for world peace. The vision encompasses not just the idealistic notion of peace, but positive action in the form of literally thousands of Pathways to Peace projects that will be created during the World Youth Peace Summit, initiated following the Summit, and, with the help of our office of Social Entrepreneurship, administered for generations to come.

The Institute's vision is to help foster an irenic attitude on a world scale.

Mission Statement

  • To promote and improve relations among nations, particularly in nations experiencing internal conflict;
  • To encourage individual growth and the development of human potential in young scholars throughout the world;
  • To develop global awareness in future world leaders;
  • To use sport and the arts as mediums of peace;
  • To develop a large network of Scholar-Athlete Games graduates who act as peace brokers in their respective communities and countries;
  • To promote ethical behavior, good sportsmanship and good sports parenting on an international basis;
  • To facilitate, among Institute alumni, a humanitarian approach in their actions as they develop as leaders;
  • To provide parents and sports educators with sound ideas they can employ when raising and teaching children who play sports.