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A Mother’s Day Tribute
In celebration of Mother’s Day, Institute for International Sport Founder and Director, Dan Doyle, has shared a touching poem he wrote. Visit his blog, Dan’s Corner, to read more.

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Our vision is the creation of a global peace movement that will involve tens of thousands of people around the world who share a love of sport and/or the arts – and who share a passion for world peace.

IIS Programs

2011 World Scholar-Athlete Games

The concept of the Scholar-Athlete Games (WSAG) is based upon the best of the Olympic ideal. The Olympics grew out of the belief that sport can be a force for understanding and friendship among athletes and among nations. At the World Scholar-Athlete Games, there are no national teams. Thus, a boys basketball team might be made up of 12 young men from 12 different countries; the Scholar-Athlete Games choir may be comprised of students from 16 different countries, and so on. The World Scholar-Athlete Games welcomes as many scholar-artists as scholar-athletes, and the concept has drawn international acclaim.

WSAG invites high achieving athletes and artists to come together over approximately one week to not only participate in their area of specialty but also to engage in conversation about subjects that are applicable to any country. It is during this series of workshops that participants develop initiatives for social entrepreneurship in their local communities. This summer, the WSAG will take place from June 26 - July 4, 2011 in Hartford, Connecticut. We will welcome up to 2,500 participants from virtually every country in the world. The 2011 program will be the sixth of its kind on a world scale. Other Scholar-Athlete Games have taken place in Australia, Israel, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

World Youth Peace Summit

Recognizing the energy our participants have upon leaving the WSAG but not necessarily having the tools to put that energy into action, the Institute for International Sport will celebrate the inaugural World Youth Peace Summit (WYPS) immediately follow the World Scholar-Athlete Games. The WYPS mission is to develop current and former scholar-athletes and scholar-artists from around the world into successful peace advocates. By providing the opportunity to study peace policies through four days of intensive series of lectures and workshops, the Summit will furnish participants with practical knowledge of how to develop and implement their own peace initiatives successfully in their home communities. Summit participants will return home armed not just with idealism but also the practical knowledge of how to implement their community initiatives successfully. Some initiatives may focus on such large scale issues as poverty, nuclear proliferation and the environment. Other initiatives will be community-based, social entrepreneurship programs that foster peace, such as conflict resolution, youth sports programs, mentoring and civil rights. These community leaders of all ages will create a grassroots global network of peace advocates and foster a more peaceful world.

Other Scholar-Athlete Games

The Institute hosts a number of Scholar-Athlete Games from the state level to others hosted by overseas partners in Ireland, Australia and more.

National Sportsmanship Day

National Sportsmanship Day (NSD) is the only annual program hosted by the Institute for International Sport (IIS). Since 1991, NSD has been celebrated in thousands of schools and has honored hundreds of individuals and organizations for their contributions to fair play. Every year, NSD is celebrated on a national level and promotes ethics, honesty and fair play. The key objective of NSD is to make fair play part of the everyday conversation in sport and society.

America's Most Influential Sports Educators

This project is aimed at honoring individuals and organizations who have creatively and effectively used sport in the very best way - as a means to educate and shape positive value.