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“This project is aimed at honoring individuals and organizations who have creatively and effectively used sport in the very best way - as a means to educate and shape positive value.” – Dan Doyle

America's Most Influential Sports Educators

When Institute for International Sport Executive Director, Dan Doyle, administered a series of "coach and athlete" surveys when writing The Encyclopedia of Sport Parenting, a common theme emerged. Many pointed to the profound impact of the sports experience on their views and practices regarding teamwork, self discipline, fair play, diversity, and competitive self restraint. Many also pointed to former coaches and athletic administrators as key mentors in their lives.

As a result, Doyle and the Institute embarked upon a three year project - the selection of two categories of distinguished sports educators:

From the time the Institute announced the project in 2004, the organization received over 1500 nominations for individuals and "teams". After reducing the list to 200 individual finalists and 30 "team" finalists, based on effectively using sport as a means to educate, the Institute appointed a final selection committee made up of coaches, athletic administrators, journalists and academicians. David Bloss, former Sports Editor of the Providence Journal, chaired the committee.